Amy Babin Novel cover designer

When I’m not in the kitchen, I write in multiple genres under nom de plumes.

Personally, I’m a sassy little Cajun woman born and raised just south of Baton Rouge. I love to cook, create, and write. To me, there’s nothing better than writing fictional parallels to the things I’ve learned; the experiences I’ve had or witnessed; and my culture and it’s flavor.

Professionally, I’m a publishing creative, marketing strategist, and graphics designer with more than fifteen years of experience.

In the past, my skills have earned me jobs as the publishing and marketing director for a media agency, administrator of a government office, a legal assistant at a major law firm, and director of development for a multi-faceted ministry. I’ve even held a seat on the board of directors for one of the largest women’s non-profits in the country.

However, I’m most proud of my success as the mom of four boys and one daughter-in-love. And because I like my men as spicy as my étouffée… I married one of my childhood best friends, my soulmate, Kevin Babin. It may have taken us twenty years, but the only thing I cherish more than getting to grow up with him, is getting to grow old with him.

I currently reside in the deep south with my sexy hubby, three of my sons, and our fur baby. My most favorite thing is spending time with our two grandbébés!

My Story

I’m just a person, a lot like you. I have a story, hopes, dreams, and a family; some of it beautiful and some of it not.

Over time, I’ve realized that it’s my perspective of the outcome that drives it to be good or bad. As my fellow Cajuns would say, “We make do.” Life is what you make of it, so you might as well enjoy it. It took me a long time to realize the truth in that statement.

Most days you’ll find my husband and I on the back patio, drinking beer (him, yuck) and wine (me, yum), blaring country and a little bit of rock-n-roll. If we’re really feeling it, we hype it up with Eminem and lil Boosie. And we’re cooking, every weekend, and most weekdays. We both work a lot though, so sometimes we dig into the leftovers. That’s if the man-child who still lives with us hasn’t devoured them first.

my heart…

No Cajun worth their cayenne would dare put business before what really matters. I’m passionate about my family, friends, and home. Here is a little glimpse into what means the most to me…

the credentials…

bet you wouldn’t have guessed…

I’m Cajun, and yes, we have a distinct dialect. I also speak and write using lots of Cajun jargon. I had to really hone it when I began writing. Genetically, I am Scots-Irish (maiden name is Grant as in Clan Grant), Acadian French (Cajun), and Canadian French. Going further back the Canadian French has Germanic roots and the Acadian French has Spanish, Orcadian, and Mi’kmaq roots. Yes, I love genealogy.

Also of interest: I have DNA from every continent (from 13% to 31% from each), except Antarctica. I’m a child of the world. My ethnicity is Cajun (French), but I have red hair and green eyes. Obviously, Scots DNA is strong. #ClanGrant

Amy Babin Author and Book Marketing Expert

Just 10 years ago I was the manager of a screamo rock band called LA Lights. I had piercings and wild colored hair. No tattoos though. I stay away from anything permanent. I like tats. I just haven’t thought of one I could commit to. I’m a rock-n-roll chick at heart. Though I listen to most genres, rock is definitely the music I drive to.

It was a strange time in my life. I was recently divorced with three young boys and needed to figure out who I was. I enjoyed the fast pace of touring from venue to venue, but this is when I truly established my skillset as a graphic designer and marketer. Social media was limited to MySpace and Blogger then, I rocked it though: pun intended.

Amy Babin Death Investigator

Yep. I’m a certified forensic pathology investigator and I still carry a badge. I no longer work at the coroner’s office serving multiple parishes, but I’m still deputized.

If you’re wondering how I ended up there it’s pretty simple, it’s like the family business, sort of. See, my entire family has worked for our adopted uncle at one point or another in one of his many ventures, I got pulled in when he needed some help. At first, it was just office stuff. Then, I really got pulled into the cases. I was thoroughly trained, got certified, and I loved it. It challenged me in many ways and I miss it to this day. I left because it doesn’t pay well at all though. I couldn’t provide for my boys on that kind of money.