Full project was contracted through and completed with the team at Mandy Roberson Media.

Cover Design

I designed the cover for ebook and print on KDP and IngramSpark. All custom, specific requirements were met for industry files. 

Mock Scene Photos

A selection of mock scene photos were created to fit the branding. 

Interior Design

The interior of the book was custom designed to suit the author’s requests.

Study Guide formatting, editing, and design.

A study guide was created to be given away to potential readers as an incentive to purchase.

Webpage Design

Additional Services

In addition to the other services listed on this page, I was also contracted to perform marketing research, establish Ideal Reader Avatar, keywords, and categories, write description and code it for enhancement, and set up accounts on IngramSpark and KDP. It is a pleasure working with Mr. Beauford.

Charles Beauford, Author of Weapons of Kings