Life goes by too fast to not have a plan that simplifies it. I like efficiency. I like getting things done. I have big goals and big dreams, and I usually hit every mark. The only reason I’m able to do that is by simplifying everyday life. I’ll share a bit of that with you here. Maybe you can glean something from my mistakes. 


We’ve got to live life. Sometimes we allow the everyday, mundane things take over. Soon, we realize all of the dreams and adventures we missed along the way. I’m talking to you… who wants to be a chef; you… who wants to operate a clothing store; YOU… who wants to be an author. I’m also talking to myself… who wants to travel. Let’s do this thing!


I’m a southern Cajun girl with a lot of deep roots. I keep them firmly planted too. I love my culture, our land, and my people and I’m happy to share them with you all: the food, the festivals, the jargon; all of our tricks and history. We have it all. Put on your rubber boots. Come on, sha!

Joie de Vivre is French for “joy of living” or “pure enjoyment of life.”

~Cajuns everywhere