what we offer

Personally, we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve DIY’ed it, hired out, and even threw our hands up and quit because the job seemed too big or too expensive. Professionally, we’ve also been frustrated with turning away clients who were trying to find qualified, available help while we were working within the confines of a boutique agency. That’s why we went rogue again and stepped away from the corporate mindset. We wanted to be able to provide normal, everyday people like you with quality marketing, publishing, design, and development work on a tight schedule without all the agency fuss and red tape.

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design & development

We work with every client to create a unique and visually compelling website sure to capture the interest and interactions of their target audience. Then, we develop it to the most professional standards possible depending on the platform. Though we are die-hard WordPress advocates, we also design and develop for platforms like Wix and SquareSpace.

logo & branding

We’re here to help you build a brand that’s not only memorable, but also has a story behind it. We offer affordable options for branding your business, along with strategy consulting and coaching packages to help you develop your unique identity. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible and ultimately, make it easier for people to recognize who you are.

cover & interior design

Self-publishing can be a difficult and expensive process. However, we’re changing that by providing easy-to-edit templates for the inside of your book, beautifully designed covers for both print and ebook formats, and typesetting services to make your work stand out. We also offer pre-made covers for the budget-conscious author. We’ve got you covered. (pun intended)

strategic marketing

You have a great idea, but you don’t have the funds to hire an agency to move it forward? We will analyze, and dissect your platform. We work closely with you to optimize your website or book for pertinent search results then lay out a success plan of execution for launches. We leverage years of experience in our unparalleled approach to marketing and platform building.

market research

If you’ve ever tried to rank a book in Amazon or Google, you know it’s a difficult and lengthy process. And if you’re not a marketing professional, it can be hard to understand how to optimize your book for that purpose. Our KDP and SEO specialists research all the aspects of your book to find the most effective ways to optimize your listings and ensure your book is high-ranking.

social & publicity

As marketing strategists, we believe in personalized service. Our team is not just people that are hired for the day or per task; we are dedicated to your online platform’s long-term success. We work with you on every issue that you may have, from branding to social media to email marketing. We put you in the spotlight of your target audience. We’re with you from start to finish.

  • Analytic Reporting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Interior
  • Brand Development
  • Content Creation

  • Editing
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Planning

  • Print Materials
  • Promotion
  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

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frequently asked questions

This is a list of some of our most popular services:

  • Ad or Promotional Graphics
  • Application Form for Launch Team with Automations
  • Audio Editing and Branding
  • Audio Intro and Outro
  • Banner and Sign Designs
  • Blog Tour Application and/or Giveaway Signup Form
  • Book Bub Applications and Management
  • Book or Product Monetization and Scaling
  • Book or Product Review Campaign
  • Book Trailers
  • Bookstagram Campaigns
  • Brand Coaching and Consultation
  • Brand Strategy and Design
  • Branded PDF Creation for Incentives
  • Branded Presentations
  • Consulting for Book Launch Swag Boxes or Bags
  • Content Creation for Social Media Platforms
  • Content Planning and Creation for Social Media Platforms
  • Coordination of Blog Tour Participants
  • Coordination of Book Signings
  • Coordination of Giveaways via Blog, Social Media, and/or Email Campaigns
  • Copywriting and Blurb Writing
  • Creation or Scheduling of Promotional Blog Posts
  • Creation or Scheduling of Promotional Social Media Posts
  • Custom eBook Cover Design
  • Custom eBook Interior Design & Formatting
  • Custom For-Print Book Cover Design
  • Custom For-Print Book Interior Design
  • Design and Copy Updates for Existing Website
  • Digital and Print Products
  • Editing: Developmental
  • Editing: Line and Copy
  • Editing: Proofreading
  • Email Campaigns for Early Buyers
  • Email Campaigns for Launch or Street Team
  • Email Campaigns for Subscribers
  • Email Templates and Automations
  • Full WordPress Site Design
  • Graphic Design for Promotional Products
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Launch Strategy and Management
  • Launch Team Applicants Vetting and Organization
  • Launch Team Resources Page on Website
  • Launch Timeline and Checklist
  • Lead Magnets
  • Management and Coordination of Podcast Tour
  • Management of Facebook Event for Launch
  • Management of Facebook Group for Launch or Street Team
  • Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Coaching and Consultation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Meta Data Research for Keywords, Categories, and Comparable Titles
  • Net Galley Campaigns
  • Niche Publicity Campaigns
  • One-Page Website for Product or Book
  • Online Platform Audits and Analytics
  • Partner Resources
  • Podcast Cover Design
  • Podcast Episode Template Design
  • Podcast/Audio and Editing
  • Postcard Designs
  • Pre-made eBook Design Templates
  • Pre-made For-Print Design Templates
  • Pre-made Logo Design Templates
  • Preorder Form with Automations for Incentives
  • Preorder Promotional Graphics
  • Preorder Social Media Cover Images
  • Print Promotional Materials
  • Promotional Header for Website
  • Promotional or Info-Graphics
  • Promotional PDF or Print Designs
  • Promotional Slider or Banner for Website
  • Promotional Social Media Cover Images
  • Promotional Social Media Profile Images
  • Promotional Video Design
  • Publicity Campaigns
  • Sales Funnel Strategy and Coordination
  • Sales Page for Website
  • Scheduling of Speaking Tours
  • Script Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Setup of Custom Domain for Sales Page
  • Shareable Graphics
  • Site Care of Website until Release Date
  • Social Media Ad Campaign Design
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn)
  • Social Media Audits and Analytics (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, or LinkedIn)
  • Social Media Branding (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, or LinkedIn)
  • Social Media Coaching and Consultations
  • Social Media Cover Images
  • Social Media Profile Images
  • Social Media Setup and Optimization
  • Social Media Strategy and Content Planning
  • Social Media Support and Engagement (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, or LinkedIn)
  • Speaker Bio Sheet Design
  • Starter Website Design
  • Sticky Statements or Pull Quotes
  • Subscriber Incentives
  • Unique Logo Design
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Video Editing and Branding
  • Video Intro and Outro

Amy Babin handles most projects here with the help of the legendary WordPress guru, Lisa Boyd, and one amazing virtual assistant that will bend over backwards for you. Together, we become your team!

That depends on how many projects are in our queue and whether or not you’d like to pay a little extra to jump the line. Seriously, Amy just might forego a crawfish boil to work your project in. How’s that for customer service?

We offer one-day-websites at a premium cost. However, this means you automatically jump the line and get it all done in one day just as soon as all of the required information is submitted and the first payment has processed.

Our designer is highly experienced in finding solutions for this challenge. Our processes for design ensure you’ll receive something you’ll love. We start with a detailed questionnaire, followed by a discovery call, if necessary, so you can give us your vision for the design. Then we study you and your platform thoroughly and conduct market research on your niche or genre. The next step is to provide you with three concepts for the design: your vision, the most marketable vision, and the third is a combination of the first two along with our designer’s intuitive additions to make it the best design it can be. Finally, you choose one of the three concepts, and we revise the things you want to change. The result is a design you’ll love!