lisa boyd

Lisa Boyd makes the big ideas and pretty designs functional and keeps them up to date.

She creates custom websites by combining the clients’ words with her understanding of site content management software. Whether the client wants to migrate a blog, establish or manage a shopping cart, or run a membership site, Lisa hears their hearts behind each project and bring their vision to life through her technical knowledge.

When she’s not playing ball or working out, you can usually find her hanging around at home with her daughter while trying to build websites with a cat on her lap and yelling at their pet bird. Yes, their house is like that. On rainy days, she heads out to local hotspots to listen to her husband’s classic country music band perform. Of course, she has to be in charge of the technology behind that too. In fact, when they go listen to other groups play live, she has to fight the urge to go take over their soundboard!

Lisa Boyd WordPress Website Development

Amy and Lisa have been palling around since forever. They immediately connected and became friends and business partners. Amy designing and coaching and Lisa, the legendary WordPress guru, making all her crazy design ideas come to life.

kristy bonnette

Kristy Bonnette keeps the team organized, the clients happy, and ties all the loose ends.

She is the quintessential people person, You can’t help but love her. She dots all the “I”s and crosses all the “t”s. If you receive a sweet and professional email inquiring about your recent request, then it is likely from Kristy.

When she’s not taking all her brother’s money on poker night or watching TV with the hubby on the couch, then you can likely find her helping someone in need. That’s the kind of person she is to everyone.

She is “wife” to Anky and mom to two great kids who turned into even better adults. She is most happy to be Gigi to her grand babies, and thoroughly enjoys her “Breakfast with Gigi” mornings when she brings donuts or pancakes for them to enjoy. Afterwards, her sugar-fueled grandbabies attack their “Papa” until they exhaust him and they all fall asleep on the living room floor.

Amy and Kristy have known each other since they were much, much younger. They immediately knew they were soul sisters, but fate stepped in twenty years later and they became real sisters when Kristy’s brother, Kevin, proposed to Amy. They are the real deal, bonafide family now!

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